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  • Elder Gruff

    From appearance Gruffs look like upright walking goats. They are equally good at killing with modern weapons as with ancient ones. They are smart and are highly ranked in the Summer Court so the death of one is no small matter. Elder Gruff is the …

  • Lady Satoka

    One of three Ladies under Queen Hitsamatsu. Up until this point she has been the favored Lady but recently the Queen has shown favor on Lady Umeryu by assigning her to deal a blow to Summer by taking out one their higher ranked Fae.

  • Queen Hisamatsu

    Thousands of years ago there used to be 4 Faerie Courts one for each of the seasons. But do to infighting and climate change the balance of power shifted giving Summer and Winter more power than Spring or Fall. This lead to a War in the Faerie Courts with …

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