Queen Hisamatsu

Queen of the Spring Court


As a Faerie Queen very few beings in all of reality have even the slightest chance to do any harm to Queen Hisamatsu. All her stats are at +15 and all her stress tracks are 20 long.


Thousands of years ago there used to be 4 Faerie Courts one for each of the seasons. But do to infighting and climate change the balance of power shifted giving Summer and Winter more power than Spring or Fall. This lead to a War in the Faerie Courts with Fall being absorbed into the ever pragmatic Winter Court and Spring being destroyed by the Summer Court. Somehow Lady Hisamatsu one of the Spring Ladies managed to escape the slaughter of her Court and took her followers to a lesser known part of the Nevernever where Summer did not dare to follow. From there the Lady amassed great power and eventually became a Faerie Queen stronger than her former Queen had been before her downfall. Recently she has been making a bid for power and has made herself known, though why she is doing it now and how she intends to survive the coming war when both Summer and Winter will likely see her as a threat that needs to be neutralized is unknown.

Her hated enemies include anyone she sees as part of either the Summer or Winter Courts. Currently she uses the fact that no one believes her Court exists to skirt the rules of the Unseelie Accords because she is not a signing member so they do not apply to her. She is unbelievable cocky to be engaged in Guerrilla War with the other Faerie Courts when there is no law stopping them from dealing with her without repercussions when they finally acknowledge her existence.

Queen Hisamatsu

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